Women heeled Sandals-20 Examples to Add to your Collection

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Women heeled Sandals-20 Examples to Add to your Collection

April 26, 2019 Fashion Shoes 0
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Women things always come with style and always have upgrades. Shoe designers don’t relent their efforts to bring women sandals in different colors, materials, styles and prices.

Here we are going to have different types of women heeled sandals from different brands and materials that can match your out fit and your style any time any day. I am going to be giving you image samples so that you can have a clear picture of the the kind of heel sandals I’m talking about.

#1. Pumps heeled Sandals

These first set will blow your mind off. Pump sandals are those that has a closed back and is cut low around the toes, usually with heels and no fastenings.These sandals can go for so many outfits and are become your good to go friend at any time.


You can use this on jeans, cocktail dress.You can use them to go to the office.The heels are between 2 to 3 inches long which makes them comfortable to wear for long hours.


It might be so comfortable for beginners to wear for a long period of time time.


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#2. Wedge heeled Sandals

Many people looking for comfort go in for these kind of sandals. A wedge heel is a raised shoe heel with the heel and sole forming a solid block. These heels are formed by a roughly triangular or wedge-like piece that extends from the front or middle to the back of the sole.


They give comfort, stable and keep your arch supported making them easy to walk with. Some wedge heeled sandals are not very high while others are really high so you can get the height you want and are comfortable in.







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Some wedges are really high so can cause ankle sprain in case of an accident or wrong foot placement on the ground.

#3. Stiletto heel sandals

In the 21st century, you see the stiletto heel every where and girls love these specie of heels. The stiletto heel sandals are characterized by a very high narrow heel and these sandals come in different styles, materials and height.


Wearing this type of sandals is very stylish. you can wear it to both casual and classic events. It comes in different styles so you can wear them with practically anything.

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The user has to be able to walk with it on rough surfaces. It has proven difficult to walk with these heels on gravels, cobble stones, grass.

You cannot wear it for long periods when you need to stand like for a party where you will need to stand for a long time. That will be a disaster.

#4. Strap heels Sandals

One of my favorite forms of sandals. These babies are form with different materials and are made of narrow bands formed into a loops for grasping with the hand or having prominent straps.


They come in different heel types. wedge, stilettos, chunks thus a variety you can choose from. These straps can be made of different type of materials that can go with your outfit for different occasions. Highly fashionable.


Some of the straps you need need to tie around your leg with your hand. If the user doesn’t tie them right, it can keep coming off which requires them to tie again, can be very annoying.

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#5.Chunky heel Sandals

When you think about the chunky heel sandals, you think of sandals with  wider base consisting of or containing thick pieces  usually square.
With these sandals you get more stability due to the fact that the heels are thick and short and flat surface on the ground. This makes it comfortable for even beginners and you can stay with it for long period of time.

Like any other heel, wearing them all the time can cause foot pain in the long run.

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#6. kitten heeled Sandals

These sandals have a low stiletto heel and are fashionable. They are usually 1.5 inches1.75 inches high, having a slight curve heel from the back of the heel.


since the heels are not very long, they provide comfort and are easy to walk with for long distance over a long period of time. They come in different materials thus variety to choose from. You can wear them with your outfit for casual parties. It is good for very tall people who want to wear heel but do not want to get to tall again because of heels.


You cannot wear them to impress in classic events


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#7. Platform heeled Sandals


My dictionary defines these set of sandals as a type of footwear with very thick soles and heels to make the wearer appear much taller than they actually are.


They are very fashionable and the thick soles gives stability on the ground thus comfort in those very high heels.


Some of the heels are very long and thin and not beginner friendly. Still you can go in for one with block or chunk heel for comfort and stability.


#8. Peep Toe Sandals

I love peep-toe sandals. They are sandals having a small aperture at the front where the toes are visible. Highly fashionable and are great to go with different outfits and looks.


Highly fashionable, and come in diverse heel types providing variety and style in your looks. You can wear them with jeans, dress and even to work.


Some of the aperture for the toes can be smaller than your toes and can be uncomfortable to wear over long hours, so choose wisely.

#9. Spool heeled Sandals

A spool heel is a heel that is wide at the top and bottom and narrower in the middle, making it to resemble a cotton reel or an hourglass. These types of heels were fashionable in Europe during the Baroque and Rococo periods.


The heels are not so high and thus give so much comfort. They are stylish and highly fashionable and can be won for long periods of time.


Can’t be worn to add height to a short person.



#10. Cork heeled Sandals

They are characterized by the cork that are found on the heels. they come in different styles and heel types.


You can have it in different styles, lengths and heights. Thus you can wear it with the outfit of your choice and get the look you are going in for.


When the cork of the shoe comes out it makes a lot of noise when you walk and the cork can easily get missing when it comes off.


#11. Block heel Sandals

These Sandals have flat rectangular heels and can come as chunk heels too.

They provide great comfort and easy to walk on. Come in diverse forms for your consumption. If you are going in for comfort and stability, go in for block heel sandals.

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#12. Mule heel Sandals

Mules have become very popular today and are slip on sandals that can wear to even high level events. They have no back or constraint around the foot.


They are easy to wear, since they are backless. You can easily slip them on to your feet. They are fashionable and can be won with casual and classic outfit depending on the design.


Some of them are expensive. They are heels so have the disadvantages of wearing heels.

#13. Lace up heels Sandals


Like strap heel sandals these have lace that lets you tie them with your hand. Describing sandals which fastens with a lace, they come in different sizes, heights, heel type and materials.

#14. Ankle Strap heels Sandals

These sandals have straps fastens at the ankle. They are highly fashionable and will come in different types of heels, materials and style. You should give them a try.

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#15. High heeled Sandals

These sandals have the heel higher than the  wearer’s toes. the main aim is to make him or her look taller and thus you can have high heeled sandals in different materials, styles, brands and designs.

#16. Gladiator heel Sandals

These sandals which have a historical background are t-strap sandals with several straps running across the front of the foot. You can have them in different heel types, materials and prices.


#17. Fur and Feather heel sandals

When you talk of glam these sandals give you glam with their features of fur and feather. You can wear them to classic events, red carpet, cocktail parities. They are highly fashionable.

#18. Butterfly heel Sandals

Ladies, ladies. We all love some extra sense of glam on our outfits. These butterfly sandals can be added to your collection. They can be used for your wedding and other cocktail party events.

#20. Decorative heel Sandals

The world isn’t short of creativity. There are great sandals out there that are well decorated and created for that extra touch to your look.

I hope you love the walk through of some of the types of sandals heel that you can add to your collection. This is just a tip of the iceberg, there are lots out there for you no matter your taste, culture, personality and how you feel about heels.

Please suggest different types and brands heeled sandals that you think deserves to be added in this collection. Leave a comment below and i will be so honored to hear what your thoughts are.


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