The Benefits of Coconut oil on your skin-Life hacks

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The Benefits of Coconut oil on your skin-Life hacks

March 13, 2019 Beauty 26
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I did not know what coconut oil was, how it looked like or if it actually was good for my skin or not, until I went to sing somewhere and someone gave me as a gift. After trying, it, I couldn’t help but go do more research on the product. I discovered a lot of benefits of coconut oil on our skin and I want to share.

Our bodies will reflect to us what we put on them. You give it bleach, it will bleach, rub oil that tones your color up or down, it will give that back to you. I personally think taking care of this beautiful and handsome bodies is our job and we must try to give it what will make it look great and in turn, we will gain a lot of self-confidence and respect for our bodies.

What is coconut oil ?

Coconut oil, is an edible oil which is extracted from the kernel of a mature coconut harvested from the coconut palm. It has high saturated fat content, slow to oxidize and therefore resistant to decaying or fermentation. I.e. It can last for up to 6months at 24 °C without getting bad or having a bad odor.

Coconut oil

There comes many uses of coconut oil due to its unique medium-chain fatty acid composition which sets it apart as a nutritional ball of fire with properties different from the other fats we know and consume.

What are the health benefits of coconut oil

Research has shown so many health benefits of coconut oil. It is always important to live healthy. No matter the amount of money or beauty you have, it means nothing when you are not healthy. Therefore, before we discuss the benefits of coconut oil to your skin, lets see how it will benefit you health wise.

  • Weight loss

Coconut oil has medium-chain triglyceride which helps to speed up energy usage compared to other fats. According to Rinehart, the MCTs in coconut oil digest as fast as sugar in the body.

The medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil can speed up energy
usage compared to other fats. The MCTs in coconut oil, according to
Rinehart, digest as fast as sugar in the body.

Since coconut oil goes straight to the liver, they don’t’t get added to fat cell preventing weight gain and boost up the liver metabolism.

  • Lower risk of heart disease

Coconut contains a lot of saturated fat which raises the good cholesterol HDL thereby bringing down the risk of having a heart disease. It has a different kind of blend of short and MCFAs, specifically lauric, capric and myristic acids that make it have great health benefits like reducing cholesterol level in your body.

  • Coconut oil better brain function

Consuming MCTs leads to an improvement in brain function in patients with milder forms of Alzheimer disease. The MCTs may provide therapeutic benefits for memory impaired adults.

  • Destroys Viruses, Bacteria and fungi

In coconut oil is found lauric acid which is believed to have anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal characters making it very useful for various infection treatments. Dr Joe A. the co-author of the survival medicine handbook states that the saturated fats present in coconut oil have antimicrobial properties and help in dealing with various bacteria fungi and parasites that cause indigestion.


What are the benefits of coconut oil on the skin

The use of coconut for the skin has a lot of benefits. You can use coconut oil in so many ways on different parts of your body to get desired results.


A. Coconut oil makes your skin smooth and shiny


Coconut oil acts as a good conditioner for your skin. Applying coconut oil to your skin makes it feel soft and conditions your skin. It is advisable to apply it all over your body as your oil or add it to your oil.

B. Used to hydrate your hands

Rubbing coconut oil on your hands will hydrate dry and itchy skin to make it soft and moist. It won’t work immediately so try doing it often and also keep a hand cream in your bag in case.


C. Coconut oil Soothes eczema

Eczema is a skin disease that is cost by a cluster of skin issues that lead to red, itchy, swollen patches of skin. Coconut oil has been found to reduce the staph bacteria on the skin when applied virgin coconut oil to the skin twice a day. It reduces dryness, abrasions, redness and thickening of the skin due to scratch. Soothe eczema by applying coconut oil twice a day.

D. Reduces dandruff


Dandruff is a condition in which white scales of dead skin are shed by the scalp. Coconut oil helps to lower the levels of yeast on your skin that causes your scalp to inflame, flake and itch. To achieve this result, apply an ultra-moisturizing coconut oil treatment.

Heat 2 or 3 tablespoons of oil on the gas over a low flame. Remove it immediately it from the stove so that it is not too hot. Massage your scalp. I recommend using it from time to time if you have dandruff often.let the oil settle on the scalp for 30-35 minutes and then wash it out with shampoo. Use other dandruff shampoo if this does not work on you.


E. Coconut oil reduces pimple

Coconut oil is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties since it is a natural product. Applying it on your face will keep the pores from dirt and minimize acne breakouts. It will soothe inflammation that often accompanies severe acne and relieve from pain the red dry skin that pimples can cause.

F. Prevents premature aging

From research, it was found that oxidation stress due to Ultra Violet rays and environmental pollution causes humans to age faster. Also, the use of harsh chemicals on the skin makes skin to age faster.

Coconut oil is natural and help avoid premature aging since it is soft on the skin as a moisturizer, exfoliates without wearing the skin away.

Acting as a physical barrier to pollution from the environment after you have applied to skin

Is it healthy to use on babies?

If you have read all the benefits of coconut oil, you are probable worried if it will go for your baby too. As parents, we get worried about our children and their safety is our top priority. So will coconut be healthy for our babies too?

From the thoughts of a dermatologist Dr Tsippora Shainhouse and other pediatric dermatologist, sensitive skin like that of babies need coconut oil.

Coconut will moisturize the baby’s skin and create a natural barrier for dirt particles. Babies are frequently washed with water and drying soaps that rid the baby from its natural protective oils. Coconut oil will give back that natural protective oil to the baby’s skin. It also has no irritating additives which can potentially harm the skin of the baby.

It is however advisable to test it first on a small part of the baby’s body to see if he/she is sensitive to it. If so then avoid it for your baby.

What is it we all seek?

We always want to know the truth about things and we love when people share with us from their experiences so we don’t fall into the same mistakes they went through. So please if this article helps please help someone by giving a comment or asking a question that might help another person that reads this article. As always I love hearing from you and your thoughts.



26 Responses

  1. Derek Marshall says:

    Hi Lerakainz,

    Great article regarding the benefits of one of my fave product – one I use daily!. The heart health benefits can be compounded when we use coconut oil for oil pulling (basically as a mouthwash but swirling around for 5mins!).

    The reason for this, and why we should use it for oil pulling is the regular mouthwash destroys all bacteria including the good ones! including the one’s that convert nitrates into nitrites which is essential for the conversion into nitric oxide, which enhances circulation and thus beneficial for heart health.

    DereWA returning comment.

    PS you might want to change the images that look like olive oil for more coconut one, also “life hags” I think you mean life hacks.

  2. Lauren says:

    Hi what a great article. I often use it in cooking and also helping my baby with cradle cap, but never knew it had so many great benefits! And I never would have thought of putting it on my face as it’s naturally quite oily, I never realised it was anti bacterial and anti inflammatory . That’s some really helpful info thanks xx

  3. Joel says:

    Powerful article…

  4. Barbara says:

    Hello, Lerakins!
    I have always used coconut oil in cooking, but have never before used in on my skin and especially the hair. That is so nice!
    Do you know if it is the exact same product we use in the kitchen, or if there is something different with the formula?

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I am going to try this for my acne as soon as possible.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    • Hi Barbara, coconut oil used for cooking is refined, chemicals added and per-processing done, not suitable for hair and skin. the virgin one is not refined, it is natural So it is used for cosmetics. I have also read how people use the one in the kitchen for palms. So basically it is up to an individual what use he or she needs coconut oil for.

  5. Angela says:

    Hi there,
    I have often heard about the benefits of using coconut oil. I have never actually tried it though. You have made me think that I should actually take action and add coconut oil to my daily routine.
    Your article was very informative. Thanks for sharing .
    Have an awesome day!

  6. Being into health and wellness, I knew all about the health benefits of coconut oil for cooking and your digestive system but wasn’t aware of how beneficial it is to human skin and scalp….I’ll have to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Doris says:

    Woooooow coconut oil is so good for the skin,I have used it and the outcome is so great, coconut oil is the answer to skin softening.Try it and see the result

  8. Exceeding Grace says:

    Woww thanks for the insight about cocoanut oil.

  9. Isaac says:

    Hmmm, very interesting. Do coconut oil really help with weight loss though? I honestly never heard about that. I guess we can put that to the try, haha.

    The only thing I know coconut oil is good for, is your hair, my sister and mom uses it and it shows. Overall, I love the article, it is very informative, I might let my sister and mom take a look at this article as well.

    • Lerakinz says:

      Hello Isaac.I am glad you stopped by. Weight loss and coconut oil are associated when coconut oil is consumed. since it won’t add to the fat in your body which we consumed from different oils it is consider it aids in you losing that extra fat you would have gained from consuming other oils that is why it is said to aid in weight loss.

  10. Nuttanee says:

    Thank you for sharing the benefits of coconut oil. I am from Thailand and I am surprised to learn that coconut oil can help with eczema from your post! We all learn something new everyday right? Lol I will try that on my hands when it comes back. Do you know what if you have a bad breath or ulcers in your mouth you can use coconut oil far that. It is a bit long to do, the technique is called oil pulling. Simply rinsing the coconut oil in your mouth for 15 minutes then rinse with water, the oil will kill all the bacteria. 🙂 give it a try.

  11. coralie says:

    What a great informative read you post was.

    I had no idea, that coconut oil has that many amazing benefits. Now that I have all of this knowledge from your post, I want to start using it everyday.
    I loved that is good for your skin and good to use as oil for cooking. Any product that can be put on your skin and used for cooking really is fantastic.
    Thank you for opening my eyes to something so good for us.

  12. Stacie says:

    I personally love coconut oil, I use it very often, in my hair, and on my skin. I am not a fan of the flavor but I love the effects. My hair is always soft, but you can’t use too much or it will be really greasy. 

    When I want an intense conditioning, I will use a larger amount and let it sit in my hair for about 3 hours and wash it normally, I probably don’t have to go that long, but I do.

    I have only seen one person have an allergic reaction to coconut oil, my daughter’s friend, so I agree to try it on a small area first to see if you have any allergies to it, especially your baby. 

    I will be back for my next purchase.


    • Lerakinz says:

      Hi Stacie, this is super cool coming from an actual user of coconut oil. It has helped me a lot and I am sure someone else hearing about it from someone other than me makes lots of difference. This review will go a long way to help people out who will pay a visit to this site. Thank you so much.

  13. Oscar Ndayizeye says:

    Hello Lerakinz,

    Thank you for this incredible post! It’s very informative and thorough. Thanks to your article, I was telling myself “I’m fool to have been with possibility to use coconut oil…but didn’t..” I discover now that we live with problems and around us are solutions…sad is that many of us fail to find out brighter solutions …I have had skin fungi issues for a long time….but now this is my day…I can’t help trying this oil. Thank you for sharing. I will be passing to this site again to discover more about this coconut oil. It seems it deserves a try given the benefits you’ve listed.


    • Lerakinz says:

      Hello Oscar, It is really amazing. I didn’t know about it till someone actually gave me to try it out. I hope this oil helps you and give your body the best look. People keep discovering new benefits to this oil and there are lots of testimonies out there. Just keep a positive mind and I am sure all will work out.

  14. Barbra says:

    Thank you for this very informative article on one of my favorite products in the world…coconut oil! I cook with it, put it in my coffee, use it on my skin and sometimes eat a spoonful right out of the jar. To be clear I don’t use the same for cooking that I use on my skin, I used skin care products made with coconut oil. In coffee it’s great for weight loss, which is one of the benefits as you mentioned. Have you ever heard of bulletproof coffee? That’s what I use it in. Thank you for mentioning all the health benefits of coconut oil. 

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