Onion Juice and Hair growth-How to do it.

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Onion Juice and Hair growth-How to do it.

April 4, 2019 Beauty HAIR 16
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I recently did a post on essential oils for hair growth and thickness then I discovered that onion juice can help in hair growth as well. Hair growth is one of the things men and women try to achieve today. I am one of those people. I love long hair and I have seen many people with super cool long hair out there and I am like “how can I achieve that?”

hair and onion juice.

I am not just writing for the ladies who want long cool hair, what about the cool guys out there who have lost hair and are like “this can’t be happening to me.” We all want solutions to this problem and looking for natural remedies that will help us out.

What are you talking about?

I am talking about a natural solution to hair growth and how you can achieve it. This is something you can totally try at home and you can absolutely spend little money and get great result with your hair.

The essential thing to know is that Onion juice has been tried out by different people and it seems to have worked for them so I am hoping it will work for you too.

Onion juice will help for


Hair regrowth:

Onion juice will help hair growth in areas where you suffered hair loss. Baldness is one of those things men really hate and this remedy can help them out. Baldness is that disease that interferes with the hair growth cycle by causing follicle to prematurely leave the active growth stage of the hair growth cycle and enter into the telogen or resting phase.


It is common in both men and women. Well the good news is many have tried onion juice and it has worked for them, why don’t you try it too?



This is small pieces of dead skin in a person’s hair. It is one of the things I really hate and will do anything to get rid of. Onion Juice on your hair, will get rid of dandruff and will give you a healthy and clean scalp like coconut oil will too.


Hair Fall Control:

Bald head

With this remedy you can control the hair fall or baldness of your head by applying this regularly making sure that hair is well nourished and keeping the scalp healthy for hair growth.

Graying of hair prematurely:



Also known as canities, graying of hair is caused by stress and pollution. The melanin which helps to give our hair dark coloration is reduced or inhibited and causes gray hair. This problem is also genetic. Why don’t you try onion juice out and see if can work on your gray hairs too.

Properties of onion juice that contribute in your hair growth

Onion has different properties that makes it beneficial for hair growth. Some of these properties include;

  • Onion has Anti bacterial Properties that will protect the scalp from bacteria infections leading to a healthy environment for hair follicles to grow strong and healthy.
  • Onion will add extra sulfur to your hair. Sulfur is found in keratin which is found in hair therefor using onion juice will just help add the sulfur needed in the hair thus the promotion of hair growth and thickness.
  • Circulation for hair growth is very important. Onion comes in to boost circulation and therefor will help to make hair grow faster which is what we want right?

How to prepare it at home

I am going to give you two methods of preparing the onion juice and I have made my research and many people have given testimonies that it works.

First off, please if you are allergic to onion, I suggest you try other hair growth home remedies options. This particular method might be bad for your health and that is not the aim of this article. I just want to help someone get a great hair or grow their hair and not for you to get sick.

Method One

# Use a red onion,

# Chop Onion into small pieces

# Use a blender to grind onion

# Sieve the juice into a bowl or a container.

method two


# What you need is one large white onion, Clean of the peeling and chop the onion into several pieces.

# Place the chopped onion in a pot and add 3 cups of water into the pot

# Boil the solution for 20 minutes

# After 20 minutes, Sieve the juice from the solution into a bowl. Make sure to use a spoon to press the onion to extract all the juice out.

# Cover the juice and let it to cool and pour the cool juice into a container that can spray the juice easy into your scalp.

How to apply it.

For this to work effectively, It will be good that your hair is clean. Wash your hair with shampoo. Unto a clean scalp, apply the onion juice and massage the scalp. Apply this juice to your entire scalp, make sure you don’t forget to apply it at the back of your head.

After that, use a shower cap to cover the hair, allow the juice to settle on the hair for 10 to !5 minutes and then rinse the hair with warm water.

Store your onion juice in the refrigerator so that it last longer. It can last for 7-10 days before you consider throwing.

Give your review.

So the main thing is to extract the juice from the onion and apply to your entire scalp. Massage the entire head very well after the application and allow to stay for a while. Rinse and dry the hair.

Do this as a routine and see how it helps your hair in the long run. The one thing you don’t want to do is do it ones and expect extra ordinary result. Try making it a routine till you have achieved desired results. Don’t give up.

Give feed back if you try it and it works out. Your comment will help someone else in your situation. If you have any question please leave it in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to get back to you. All the best in your endeavors for hair growth.


16 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Thanks Mady. Wow who would have imagined that onion juice could help with hair growth. I’ll definitely give this a try.

    I’ve been dealing with hair loss the past year and have used many products but have not seen tremendous result.

    Perhaps the only downside is my hair would end up smelling like onion after the treatment, but probably worth a shot.

    • Lerakinz says:

      Hi Joe. I hope you try this out, If it works then all better right? I just want to say the onion smell can be removed by adding essential oil to the onion juice before using. this will clean the scalp and remove dandruff which is definitely a win win right?

  2. Barbra says:

    Thank you for a very insightful article. I never knew that before about onion juice and hair growth. I learn something new every day! Personally I have the opposite problem. My hair grows so fast I have to get it trimmed every time I turn around (I prefer it medium length). But I do know others who have hair loss issues and I will share this information with them. What about the smell? People probably don’t want to go to work smelling like onions but I imagine it could be done on a Saturday at home. 

    • Lerakinz says:

      Hey Barbra, I am so glad you have great hair and are willing to share this informatiion with others so they can have great hair too. For the smell they should just add any essential oil for hair growth to the onion juice. this will mask the smell and also help clean the scalp by de-clogging hair follicles and prevent dandruff.

  3. Poppa says:

    This is a subject near and dear to my heart!
    My wife has been dealing with hair loss for a few years.
    She’s always buying one expensive product after another trying to solve the problem.
    I never would have thought something as inexpensive as an onion could help.
    I will be sharing this information with my wife.
    I’m just hoping she doesn’t smell like an onion after giving it a try.

    • Lerakinz says:

      Hi poppa, I am so happy you will share this info with your wife. To avoid the smell add essential oil to the onion juice before she applies it to mask the smell of the onion and it will help to remove dandruff too. That will make it a win win right? I wish her the very best.

  4. Son says:

    Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about onion juice and hair growth.

    I’ve actually tried this for about a month without much results, but it was probably too short of a time to tell if it was effective or not. The whole process of having to get onion juice and apply it and all that was just too much work for me.

    But I’m a male and definitely need a remedy for hair loss. You mentioned this onion juice works for both men and women, but does it work specifically for male pattern baldness?

    I’m not against onion juice at all, I might give it another go and keep at it for at least 6 months.

    • Lerakinz says:

      Your review is very important Son, I believe in consistency and if by 3-6 months I am sure then you can conclude if you don’t see result. studies have shown that it works for men pattern baldness and I hope it works for you too.

  5. Les says:

    I’d never thought of using onion juice as a remedy for hair loss, that’s an interesting idea. I also suffer a little from dandruff, although that’s improving since I changed my shampoo.

    I don’t think I’m allergic to onion but is there a way I can test this out? I eat onion a lot so I’m guessing I’m fine with it.

    The other thing I wanted to ask is should I also shampoo my hair after application as well as before, I’m just thinking of any residual smell.

    Thansk for your advice, I’ll give it a go!

    • Lerakinz says:

      I don’t really know Les, if you should shampoo your hair after the onion juice, I have not read or heard any one talked on it, but I will do more research on that. For the smell, I have learnt that if you add essential oils in the onion juice you will be able to mask the smell and will remove dandruff from scalp too.

  6. Chris says:


    This is a very different method for hair growth. It may work but I don’t know if I would want to smell like onions all the time! Please let me know if you have anyone report back on the effectiveness of this treatment. The website looks great and you have some great things and advise to offer to people. Keep up the great work!

    Chris from Texas🤠

    • Lerakinz says:

      Hi Chris, I get it right, Onion has a terrible smell and wearing that smell on you the whole day won’t be a nice thing but do you know that you can add essential oils on the onion juice in order to mask the smell of the onion. This action also helps to remove dandruff

  7. darrickramos says:

    Hi Mady, thanks for sharing this insightful piece.

    Honestly, this piece is perfect for me and it came at the right time. I have been noticing dandruff in my hair and it gets really embarrassing for me when it gets itchy and various particles drops from my head when I make an attempt to scratch the itchy spots. Preparing this onion juice seems very easy and straightforward so, I will make it for myself anfyfollow the guideline of usage as highlighted by you. 

    I’ve learnt from this. Thanks

    • Lerakinz says:

      Hey Darrickramos, I am so glad this article was helpful. Do come back here to leave a comment if it works for you. Remeber that it will help someone too by sharing your results.

  8. Stacie says:

    This is totally new to me, I had no idea at all that you could use onion juice to help with hair loss. How fabulous! I love to learn new things, I try to find something new everyday, and this was a golden find today.

    I am blessed with a ton of hair, but I know a lot of people that could benefit from this and are probably just as clueless as I was. This is so much cheaper than all of those hair regrowth shampoos and creams, and 100% natural.  

    My only question is do you smell like onions afterwards? I personally don’t think I would mind, I am a cook and probably carry the smell of onions, and many other things, on me anyhow. 

    I think this is a wonderful bit of knowledge to share. Thanks for this article, I will pass it along to my friends in need. 


    • Lerakinz says:

      HelLo Stacie. I just learnt that Adding essential oils to the onion juice after making it can help mask the smell of onion juice thus get rid of the smell and also help clean the scalp by de-clogging hair follicles and prevent dandruff

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