Men shoes for sale-Latest men footwear just for you.

Looking Good is Good Business.

Men shoes for sale-Latest men footwear just for you.

January 27, 2019 Fashion Men fashion Men shoes Shoes 11
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Hello, what do you want to wear over the weekend? Do you know every dress has it is own matching, and all you need to do is to match the right outfit with the right shoe, some accessories and voila!!!!!!!! you are already looking like a celebrity. Being a man comes with great responsibilities and one of those responsibilities is looking outstandingly sexy and neat anywhere, anytime? Imagine owning the latest Men shoe in town today.

The fact that you are a guy all the means ladies look not just for how handsome you are but they also check out what you wear.  I know you have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder but with the right shoe on your feet matching the right outfit, you can accomplish so much without actually using much effort. A man is usually practical in what he does, even the shoes you wear have to be practical.

Categories of Men shoes’


I personally enjoy men in boots but there are a great variety of shoes available to the men’s shoe collection available in the market and on different platforms like amazon, Ebay and other on line stores.

There are dress shoes‘ which include derby, monk, oxford, brogue and Loafers and then there are casual shoes’ which include boat, sandals, espadrilles, sneakers, slip-on shoes‘ and personally my best collection of shoes’; boots which include Chelsea, chukka and brogue boots.

I love how different shoe brands try to make stylish versions of these different categories of shoes’, so we can definitely choose whatever shoes’ we want and we have definitely looking forward to you getting the shoes of your dream.

Shoes-the Art of manliness

Beautiful shoes are not just for women, today women don’t just look at men’s dresses they also look at the shoes’ that compliments the outfit. I think a man’s masculinity is not just judged by his abs or how big his arms are, actually a man’s shoes’ can tell a lot about his personality.

Do you care about what you wear? How do people feel when they are around you? Do you take your work seriously? Do you want people to take you seriously on your job site? all you have to do is care! No man needs 50 pairs of shoes’ all you need is a few pairs specific to occasions and the seasons.

Be the style you speak of

Nowadays everything comes in style, what do you think about the different brands of shoes’ out there? which one do you prefer? I know you love shoes’ why don’t you be the style that you want? Who said you need a lot of money to be stylish? It just takes determination to do what we actually want on earth.

I was someone who always was scared of buying what I really wanted, always thinking others opinions are better than mine. Well one day someone told me, “if you want something, go for it, life is too short to live other people’s dreams”. This was an eye-opener for me because I used to buy things when I knew in my heart I really didn’t  enjoy that particular type or style for me. Today when I want to buy something, I make sure that’s what I really want and I have enjoyed the things I buy ever since.

So let me ask you. What do you want? Which shoes’ do you dream of wearing? How do you see yourself walking down the street? In which brand of shoes’ do you want your clients to see you? hmm I can imagine what’s going on in your head right now. YOU CAN DO IT!

pick the shoes’ that speak to you

The one thing Love most about being human, is that we are all different. We have hobbies, different personalities, different dreams and aspirations, different jobs and more. So practically everyone need what they need and there are lot of resources to go around.

Our peculiarity makes us want different things, so which type of shoes’ really resonate with you? Pick the shoes’ that speaks to you. Is it boots like me? chukka? brogue? what ever you want we are at your service.

Want to go to work today? how about these beautiful Derby goodness? how about these sneakers to suit those tight jeans? love running? check out the trainers we got. What about going for a vacation will this pair wingtip help? pick the shoes’ that speak to you.

You will want to choose footwear that is both functional and stylish because your shoes go with you to all the activities you get involved in, your shoes’ are the primary requirement all your daily adventures. A bad choice can become a disaster in cases where the footwear doesn’t suit the occasion or the season. Imagine going hiking and the shoes’ are not suitable for hiking, it will destroy the soles and this can be very annoying and unproductive for you. Therefore, selecting footwear, wisely your goal can be easily achieved.

Come with me to this adventure

Oh my! enough with all the talk. To me this is an adventure you can also make it adventure as we go down the ‘shoe lane’ Feel free to browse through all the categories you like and just pick the one that goes with your style or personality. Isn’t this just fun, it’s like having the dictionary and being able to just choose any word you like to say, here is your shoe dictionary.


So here are different categories of shoes. Choose the one you love to have by just clicking on the link next to the ones you like

1. Trainers



2. Boots

Boots, men shoes

Steve Madden Men’s Native Chelsea Boot









men shoe, shoes





12.Slip-on shoes‘;


What is your choice?

Note: Go in for something you love, something that is functional and something that will last. It should be something that reflects you and suits the event you are going in for.

If you have a question or worry please feel free to leave a comment and I will be more than happy to help in any way I can. It will be very helpful if you can tell us how to improve the services we offer you because serving you in the best possible way is our utmost priority.



11 Responses

  1. Ndumbe Ghislain says:

    Really classy and recommended for men who need dressing tips and matching

  2. Alexis says:

    Nowadays, the footwear options for a man are unlimited. That can be quite overwhelming in the process of choosing the right shoes for you.
    This article is an eye-opener for me in the fact that it categorizes the numerous options and simplifies the whole footwear process. Thank you!

    • Hi Alexis, thanks for stopping by. Like I said those shoes are very important because you take them everywhere with you. The different categories are really help for someone to easily choose and remember we should choose what is practical, stylish and functional.

  3. Ben says:

    Hey this is awesome. I find that I can bring life to my wardrobe by spicing up my shoes and socks. even a plain black suit can be brought to life with funky shoes.

    I especially love finding a shoe that stands out when I network. I am in the tech industry and it always helps to stand out. End of the day you want people to remember you. And shoes do the trick for me.

    • Hi Ben thanks for stopping by. I am glad you understand me. I can imagine you wearing a shoe as a tech guy. Something that reflects your personality and its practical are always the deal.

  4. Dave Sweney says:

    I just left another review page that you have for men’s perfume, and decided to kick around your site a bit more. This article and reviews of men’s shoes are just as informative and useful as the last post, and I thank you for that. I buy my shoes based on a few things I focus on: Comfort, style, materials and last but not least, price.

    The price angle is the least important to me, but all other things being equal, I will use that last factor as the deciding one if it comes to that. I do not want to pay more than I should, but I do not mind paying what I should for shoes. I hope that makes sense?

    From the many styles of shoes out there, I use the ones that are designed for business and business casual the most. These cover almost any situation I may find myself in during the working and socializing hours. I do need some outdoor type shoes as well at times, but not as much.

    Therefore, the Derby and the Oxford are the ones I would buy most often, and regarding the other styles, if going to the gym it would be tennis shoes, while if running around the desert or in the mountains, I would tend toward some good solid boots that provide protection and stability.

    Now that I know about your website and the content you have, I can easily come here to quickly get solutions for my needs. Thanks for that!

  5. EddieSand says:

    Lerakinz, I appreciate what you said “we are all different” and that’s true even in picking men footwear. I’ve actually been looking for a pair of shoes comfortable for walking at the mall and useful at the gym. I just haven’t found the right style. I don’t like to wear the same style over and over. I like change and this time I want something new. Looking at those trainers and the slip-on shoes. 

    • Lerakinz says:

      Hello EddieSand, I love that you love changing your style. That can in itself be your style. So long as you know what you want and go in for it, then all the more sweet it is. The trainers and the slip on shoes are available on amazon if you want to have them.

  6. James says:

    Hey hi there. My wife is at me all the time about my shoes. I just wear runners most of the time but she wants me to get something better and more classy. I love your post here, it has really given me some good ideas and best still being able to buy them online through Amazon. Great that you have shoes for sale as well as some suggestions on how to match them with your clothes. I like the boots in the photos. Can I get these online as well?  

    • Lerakinz says:

      Hello James. Yes you can get it on amazon by just clicking on the link. It will lead you to diverse types of boots in case you want something else too. I am so happy you love boots as much as I do.

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