Luxury Men Watches-Invest in yourself.

Looking Good is Good Business.

Luxury Men Watches-Invest in yourself.

February 13, 2019 Fashion Men fashion 12
Rolox watch, luxury watch
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men watchesA luxury watch is an investment you gift yourself. Is it pricey? Yes! yet many people go for it, Why? This is because it is a personal investment. There are several details a woman like me will notice in a man the one that stands out from the first encounter is his wrist watch.

Wearing a wrist watch gives a man a stylish look and makes him look all sorted out. It tells someone who looks at him that he cares about his look and is serious about what he does. You go for a job interview with a great luxury watch tells your interviewer something unique about you.

Good Reasons for a man to wear a watch

Today, you still see great men like Bill Gates, President Obama, Warren Buffet wearing a wrist watch though the world has been digitized to have time on smart phones and other digital instruments. Here are some reasons why you should wear a luxury watch as a man.

  • Makes you look stylish:

Nowadays people dress in different apparels on different occasions  and at different seasons and a wrist watch is there to add flavor to your style and make you standout. These are some details women notice about you as you walk into the room.

  • Competence:

The quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually can be first conveyed through the luxury watch you wear. A luxury watch makes you look trust worthy and are taken seriously. It shows conveys maturity.

  • Last longer: saying you can read time from your phone? I know. But we both know that there are times when our phone batteries run down but having a luxury watch can last for years without failing and even generations.
  • Ability to match diverse outfits
    men watch, men wearing watch, watch

    Stylish men watches

    There great thing about luxury watches is that they can go with a wide range of outfits and are fit for different occasions. As a man there aren’t many accessories to wear so this makes watches a unique requirement for men dressing.

Considering buying a Luxury watch, How do I go about it?

Like mentioned above, a luxury watch is a gift you buy for yourself. Therefore, since it will be the wearable asset you spend so much on, it is important to get it right. There are things you should consider before buying a luxury watch;

  • Consider the Brand of luxury watch you want. There are many brands of luxury watches available in the market today which market different styles, and story about the watch.
  • Look at the Price of the luxury watch you want in relation to your finance set aside for the watch you will love to buy. I have read that many people will rip you off and others will give you a fair price. You don’t just want to spend money because you have but you want to buy a luxury watch according to the value which match up with your price.
  • Also, Compare the construction quality of the watches you think are affordable for you and decide which one you will prefer. Would you like a digital or mechanical watch?
  • You might also want to consider the Style and complication, and also the features of the watch.
  • It will be important to also go in for a watch that reflects your personality. It is one thing to buy a luxury watch and another to buy a luxury watch that reflects you.
  • Go in for quality that last. Having something that has high quality and well-known reflects well for men and don’t we all like assets that lasts? meaning you wouldn’t need to throw it to buy some other one within a few years. Instead, you can buy to add to your watch collection.

Top luxury Watch brands you might want to consider.

1. Rolex founded since 1905

Rolox watch, luxury watch


2. Audemars Piguet founded since 1875


3. Patek Philippe founded since 1839
men watches,
4. Chopard founded since 1860
chopard watches, luxury watches
5. Vacheron Constantin founded since 1755



Vacheron Constantin Overseas Mechanical (Automatic) Blue Dial Mens Watch 5500V-110A-B14


6. Piaget founded since 1874



7. Cartier founded since 1847

8. Hublot founded since 1980

9. Omega founded since 1848


10. Montblanc founded since 1906


11. Ulysee Nardin founded since 1846


12. Roger Dubuis founded since 1995



13. Vincero 


14. Panerai founded since 1860


15. Blancpain founded since 1735


16. Zenith founded since1865


17. Bell & Rose founded since 1992

18. Maurice Lacroix founded in 1975

Taking care of your luxury watch

  • It is important to clean your luxury watch as often as possible by wiping the band and the case with a soft cloth to remove any dirt. Try soaking the watch in soap and water if it is water resistant.
  • Most luxury watches today, are constructed with water resistance so understand your watches water resistance. Vintage watches do lose their water resistance over time though, If your watch is not water resistance, avoid bringing it in contact with water. Water also weakens the leather of your watch. Avoid it.
  • Avoid keeping your watch beside a magnet since this can mess up the timing of your watch.
  • Do all things possible to avoid hitting the crystal of your watch with hard objects, watch falling on the ground and other actions that may break or scratch the crystal of your watch.
  • Service your watch every two or three years for a mechanical watch and for a Quartz watch try servicing in three to four years.
  • Have a storage box to keep your watch. It is important that when you are not using your wrist watch, keep it in a storage box. Luxury watches are first of all expensive. You don’t want to spend that money twice on the same watch.
  • Keep out of children’s reach. Children are always cared free and play all the time and will not understand the worth of your luxury watch, so it is precautionary to keep our wrist asset away from them.
  • Avoid putting your watch in places that get direct sun rays onto the watch since this can shorten watch battery life due to over heat.
  • Avoid repairing or opening your wrist watch by yourself if you are not a wrist watch repairer.
  • You should avoid your watch touching chemicals like cleaning agent and try wearing your perfume and allowing it to dry before wearing your watch since perfume can damage leather bands and causing it to tear.

Love to hear from you

If you have any questions or remarks about this article please let it at the comment section below. I would love to hear your thoughts. Serving you be the priority.




12 Responses

  1. Marius says:

    I think your article is great. I love wearing watch. I really liked your tips how to look after your watch, that is very useful and I definitely will use some of them. I really liked you luxury watches list, some of the brands I didn’t knew before so I find out something new in your article. However it is shame that luxury watch is to expensive for me at the moment, but I have recently bought middle class Hugo Boss watch and I’m still very happy with it. Thanks for great article.

  2. Asen says:

    Hey there,

    I love watches. I think that it’s a perfect men’s accessory. I’d love to have a watch for $10 000 some day!

  3. Hector says:

    A helpful piece of information here. I’ve never been a man of watches, but I am planning to at least own one, so this article is an excellent guide for noobies like me 😉

    Keep up your great work.



    • Oh this makes me really happy I got to entice you to like wearing a watch. It has all the benefits a man like you can have. Not just to own a watch but to maintain it too for sustenance and longevity

  4. Mark says:

    Thanks for this post Mady! I agree that a luxury watch like this would definitely last for several years. That Montblanc definitely caught my eye!

    • Hi Mark. Here are some of the details about the Montblanc Watch

      Self-winding automatic movement – an Eco-friendly choice for discerning customer. Powered by everyday movement of your arm
      Automatic self-winding movement with analog display and anti reflective sapphire dial window
      Date calendar, water-resistant
      Black leather stainless steel case with black dial
      Water resistant to 3 ATM / 30 meters / 100 feet : withstands rain and splashes of water but not showering or submersion

  5. Mymoena says:

    Thanks for the great info!
    One of my first gifts to my husband was a stylish watch and now almost 15 years later that watch is still working great, although I think his due for another stylish gift!

    I must say: A watch brings so much character to a man’s look 🙂


  6. Brian says:

    Watches are a necessity mostly to men and it just gives that person that age of confidence when one wears it especially that luxurious watch. Your article it actually highlights good reasons for getting one though they are quite pricey but again you said it, it is an investment to yourself looking good.
    Thank you for the information and the different types which I din’t know are there.


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