How to sell dresses online- online selling techniques.

Looking Good is Good Business.

How to sell dresses online- online selling techniques.

February 6, 2019 Business Fashion 1
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The digital world and the offline world are used by the same people but selling to these people in these two platform is very different. You might be well talented selling offline but have trouble selling stuffs online.

There are a few skills you need to be able to make money online selling dresses and these skills require patience, consistency, understanding the target audience, and a mind that you are rendering services to real people

What Do you have to Do ?


1. Define the target audience

It is the basic thing to do before you even open the internet to
start the rest of the process. A target audience is the immediate people
you wish to communicate the dresses to, those who will be interested to buy
the dresses or interested in the brand type you wish to promote.

Example of target audience is women, if you are selling women dresses, men for
men dresses, or even babies. It can also be dresses for people within a certain age group, or particular size group. You should be very clear on who you will love to offer the services to and be sure the audience are in need of the products or services you want to offer.

2. Study the customers buying habit

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Buying habit

Customers are real people like you. Imagine if you want to buy online, you must have heard the products mentioned offline to you maybe by a TV ad or someone or rather you are actually going online to look for more details about the said product.

The same way, other people too will go through a process before actually making a purchase of the dress they are looking for. Therefore, it will be more profitable for you to actually study the audience and understand the processes they take before actually buying a dress online.

3. Set up a website or a Blog

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website or blog

To sell stuffs online you need to have a medium via which you are going to be able to meet the target audience in the virtual world. Billions of people actually go online every day, to be able to get them interested in what you are offering, you need to present the goods and services very well in an organized and very attractive format since it is easy for people to lose interest in what you have to offer more in the virtual world than if you were actually standing in front of them.

There are platforms out there where you can design the websites for free or you can pay for the own domain to get more professional. Make sure that whether you are going for a blog or a website, it should be professionally designed, well organized, attractive and easy for customers to access and use.

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Images on website

Make use of images, videos on the blog that are self-explanatory so that they can easily attract the customer. To Visualize what you are selling is very important since it gets the customers engaged in what you are selling and thus develop interest.

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4. Customer is priority:

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Customer is king

After setting up the website ensure you are customer conscious. Endeavor the website is attractive for customers to see the product and actually click to the website. Create interesting content that will keep the customer in the site and be able to solve customers problems according to their individual needs.

Don’t assume to know what the customer needs. Instead, ask useful questions that will enable you to get to know the customer better so that you can better satisfy them.

Build a relationship with customers whether they came to the final point of purchasing the dress or not. They may not buy now, but they may purchase next time or might recommend someone to the website or even a review would help the website image.

The essential thing here is to cherish the customers.

5. Stay in customer’s minds

Prospecting is the act of looking for new customers. Place product on different social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and look for prospects. Be Always available to customers and try to stay in customers’ minds. Don’t’ be contented with the customers you have at the time because there are billions of other customers in the virtual market waiting for you.

You can actually set daily or monthly goals to prospect, analyze yourself based on those goals and evaluate if you achieved those goals or not and keep records for future use in forecast.

6. Set up a standard for yourself:

How customers see you or feel about you is very important. Selling dresses online via a website or a blog is seen by billions of people in the world. Setting up a standard for yourself will boost the image in customers’ eyes or hearts and this will go a long way to attract or destroy the business in the future.

If to say for example customer log on the website, and they aren’t able to see what they are looking for on the website because of poor content, maybe too many ads or poor customer service, in the long run this will damage the overall image in the eyes of the client and he may never click on the website again, no client equals no sale and no sale equals no revenue.

When people think of the website or blog they should see you as someone who knows what he is selling and fully understand the industry and is able to provide them with what they need.

Stay Positive

A positive mind can achieve anything. Will it take time to actually set up everything up to start the own clothing line or dresses online? Yes it will, but no matter what you do don’t give and always ensure you go into the business with an open mind willing to learn and adapt.

Customers are unpredictable and you will need love and attention for details while dealing with them. I am sure you can attest to that because you are also a customer for products and services too so like you would love to be treated when trying to buy something online, treat the customers same and before you know it, you will be a giant in what you do.


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Good luck with the selling dresses endeavors and if you have any question or remarks do well to leave a comment below. We are here at the service.



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  1. Dave Sweney says:

    This was a post that caught my eye while here for other reasons today. Since I am a fan of your website for all the great ideas and suggestions in fashion items and products, I do stop in quite often. This post is of interest because I wanted to learn about your take on how to sell dresses online.

    The reason that is of interest is that I have several e-commerce stores where we sell some branded products for women and that included dresses. These are actually hot-selling too. Some stores focus on boho styles, while others are targeting the younger audiences.

    The marketing tactics we use seem to work, and I have rather young marketing managers working all the women’s wear. These are women in their late 20s, and they really are in touch with what women want. Sometimes I think they are going in the wrong direction, and they have proved me wrong.

    The steps that you have gone through mirrors closely what we have done to get these stores up and running. Over time, we have started getting a lot of repeat customers. The average order value per customer also has risen using a series of techniques and campaigns.

    Your guide is a good start. These basics will get the potential online store owner up and running, and with some hard work, planning, and getting the right employees for marketing dresses and other women’s wear, you can make a hefty profit. I know it has worked out well for us.

    Thanks for an interesting and useful post on how to sell women’s dresses online and for the selling techniques. I have sent a note to our social media manager with the link to this website and article, I want her to have a look. 

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