How to dress for a wedding-winter, spring, summer, African

Looking Good is Good Business.

How to dress for a wedding-winter, spring, summer, African

February 27, 2019 Fashion 5
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From all indications, if you are coming to look for what to wear on this special occasion, means you either have lost interest on what you have in your wardrobe or you actually need what’s trendy in the market today, or rather you need new styles on how to match the outfits in your closet.

There are different things to consider when dressing for a wedding. I will just be a guide to you. Now in order to to that I need you to ask yourself the following questions;

what is the season in which the wedding falls on?

you don’t want to dress in a way that the weather or atmospheric changes won’t be favorable for you to enjoy the occasion. According to season you should choose an outfit that will make you comfortable and well-dressed too.

1. Summer wedding

Most weddings fall during summer, it is definitely a season to dress up so you want to select fabrics that are breathable and light weighted due to the heat. For an indoor summer wedding, Sun dresses reflects the sun and are

recommended for out door wedding. Short sleeves will also to too so that fresh air can hit your body directly.

As for men, something bright to reflect Sundays might be unacceptable or considered too bold, so you are advised to wear a neutral color and you can add something bold like tie and other accessories.





2. Winter wedding

the cold during winter can’t be taken lightly, so your dressing has to able to keep you warm and still make you look glamorous. Darker colors help to conserve heat and thus should be considered for while picking up a dress so they can keep you warm. Also, go in for outfits with long sleeves, fury dresses also help keep you warm but glamorous.










3. Spring Weddings

During Spring the weather is usually unreliable so my advise is check to see if

on that day places are cold or warm. Spring is time for floral dresses, hmm the bloom of flowers make my skin feel the fairies throwing fairy dust on them.

So girl you want to go for floral print during this time and due to the unpredictability of the weather, you might want to hold a shawl.


4. Dressing for an African marriage?

For an African wedding, check to know if it is at the traditional level, you might want to wear something that reflects the culture of the couple, mostly people wear African prints to suit the traditional part of the marriage, bead bracelet and necklaces. There are several cultures in Africa so where ever you are, you can ask around to see what people actually wear for occasions like that and just get one or two items that can go with your look.




What is the theme of the wedding?

many weddings have themes, is it a classic wedding or a casual wedding? what is the mood the wedding is trying to portray, what are the colors of the wedding? choose an outfit following the wedding colors if you have one in your wardrobe, or chose a shoe or accessory in that color to match your outfit. Maybe a handbag or purse.

Who are the people involved in the wedding?

Are they nerds like Sheldon Copper and Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler who want something simple and won’t bother whether you are wearing something great or not? Or is the couple people who like trendy stuffs and are always in touch of the latest cloth brands of the season?
You will want to dress in something that you will be able to blend in, and not look like you are crashing the party.

What is your role at the wedding?

Are you maybe one of the guest of honors who will require to give a speech and every eye will be on you? You want to wear something someone will not just listen to you but also admire what you are wearing. Other

What’s the location of the wedding?

Is the wedding going to be on the beach, cruise, yacht, church, or an African traditional marriage or an Indian marriage? You have to look at the culture of the place, like when a royal wedding is taking place in Britain, dare you dress like Beyonce on the red carpet with a transparent dress.


What is your budget at hand?

Man, you don’t want to spend all of your savings on that suite and starve after the wedding. It will be such a shame. Yeah, I love you and won’t advise you to spend over what you should. Check the budget you are willing to spend for the outfit you will love to wear for the wedding. Make sure you don’t to overspending neither under spending. Remember you will need to live with yourself after you have attended the wedding.

What do you have to match with the outfit you will be wearing.

You don’t want to dress and the only thing that looks nice is your new outfit or the outfit you chose from your closet. Try imagining what you will match the outfit with. From a handbag, jewelry, shoes, watch for a woman and a nice wristwatch, shoes, tie (will it be a bow tie or regular tie) and other men accessories.

What type of formal wedding is it?

There are different ways to dress to different types of formal events like a wedding. They include:

1. White tie wedding event:

Men: As a man you should wear a suit, a vest and a bow tie to suit the event.

Women: As a Woman wear a floor length formal gown with gloves. Make your hairstyle is done in an up to style.

2. Black Tie wedding

Men: Wear a Suit with a black bow tie.

Women: Wear a floor length formal gown with no gloves and wear your hair as you like.

3. Lounge Suite Wedding

Men: Dress in Suit and a tie

Women: Girl go for formal gown

4. Cocktail wedding

Men: You can just wear a suit. Tie is totally optional

Women: Wear dress that is above-the-knee hem or an evening Pantsuit will to just fine

5. Smart Casual wedding

there are no rules here. Men can wear denim, Suit pant and shirt, Chinos, No ties. For Women just dress sharp and can add blazer or jewelry to sharpen the look.

Are you dressing to impress or You just want to look good for the occasion?

Both men and women love to impress their date, husband, wife or maybe a crush. Is that why you are reading this article right now? Well if you are dressing to impress based on the above questions you have answered, know that the most important thing to note is “who are you trying to impress?”. If you are to impress someone, you must understand what they like and what moves them and to just that,

Does the person love a particular color? does a particular style move the person? wear that. You should know that you are trying to make someone happy, that should be your priority.

Love to hear from you.

If you have any comment, review, question or more to add, I will be more than happy to hear your thoughts. This is something I enjoy doing. Please add your worries in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to get back to you.


5 Responses

  1. roman says:

    I love the weddings, but i’m always underdresed. I just wear whatever i find in the closet that’s more or less formal. I usually don’t pay much attention to what i am wearing, maybe i should?

  2. Thabo Khoza says:

    What a great post you have here. I have benefited from this since I was looking for types of clothing for my mom since she will be attending a traditional weddings of her friend’s daughter.
    I will look into the dress you posted here and see if she will like it or not.

  3. Selenity Jade says:

    There are some great wedding ideas in here! I happen to prefer the summer choices most, so luckily I am in the south United States where the weather is often warm or sweltering hot. The only downside is that it rains often here. Weddings and rain coats don’t go together at all. But a nice shawl might be a great compromise. Thanks for the suggestions! 

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