Gold Bracelet for women-shop your style.

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Gold Bracelet for women-shop your style.

February 14, 2019 Fashion 4
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Women Gold Bracelet

I personally enjoy dressing up and adding bracelets to sharpen the look. Women these days use beautiful ornaments of this sort to bring out personality and personal styles. I for one love to use my hand a lot when communicating, I don’t know about You!. Having a bare wrist is not something I like because people always notice when I greet, wave at someone, or try talking to someone because I use my hands a lot.

Haven noticed this, I decided to always wear bracelets so that I can look sharp and stylish even when I don’t over-do the dressing. Thank goodness, there are a lot of gold bracelets out there for women in different styles, colors, designs and brands. Gold Bracelets for women are perpetually elegant and are normally created in 18K or 14K gold and 10k. So in your price and style there is a gold bracelet out there for you.

Types of Gold Bracelet Available in the market

there are different types of gold bracelet available in the market for You!. You might be interested in the color or by karats. Whatever you choose to get, it should reflect your personality and style.

In fashion what people are actually looking for is the functionality of the things they wear. This just means that your taste and style matters in your dressing and if you will need any recommendations, just read this article to the end, I have some recommendations for you.

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By color, there is yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. There are many brands of gold bracelets with this diversity of colors available for You!.


1) Yellow Gold Bracelets; These bracelets are made by mixing pure gold with silver, copper, and zinc. These types of bracelets carry the purest color of gold, and does not require a lot of maintenance among all the gold colors of bracelets.

2) Rose Gold Bracelets: They are also called pink gold bracelets. They are alloyed with gold, copper and silver. They use the inexpensive copper for their rose colors so they are more affordable than the other gold bracelets. If You! are not looking for something too expensive, You! can go in for rose gold bracelets. They are usually more Durable than the yellow and white gold i.e. they are capable of withstanding breakage for a long time and thus can last longer.

3) White Gold Bracelets: These bracelets are made of gold and platinum/palladium or made of gold palladium nickel and zinc. They are more affordable than the yellow gold. If You! are looking for white gold bracelets, You! should know that they are more durable and scratch resistant than yellow gold bracelets.

4) Green Gold Bracelets: They are made of gold, silver and sometimes copper. This green color is given by the silver found in the compound which gives it a subtle difference in the attitude.


If You! are looking to buy jewelries You! should consider the gold karats of the jewelry i.e. “K”. It ranges from 24k, 18k, 14k, and 10k. These karat marks signify the gold content in the jewelry, that is, how much gold is found in that particular jewelry.

  • 24k: this mark signifies a 100% pure gold. However, it is rare to find this mark on You! jewelry because it is not easy for 100% gold to be made into a jewelry since it is a soft metal will easily scratch and bend. For this reason, manufacturers mix gold with other elements to make jewelry more durable.
  • 18K: For 14k jewelries they contain 75% pure gold content and You! will see markings like 18K, 18kt, or 750. All these indicate 75% pure gold and 25% mixture with other elements.
  • 14K: Seeing this marking on your bracelet means your jewelry contains 58.5% pure gold. You might see 14K, 14kt, or 585 and are mixed with 41.5% other elements to make up your bracelets.
  • 10K: They contain 41.7% pure gold and are labeled as 10K, 10kt, or 417.

Bracelet brands recommended for You!

There are thousands of jewelry brands in the market with diversity in style. Here are just some few examples of the leading brands. However if you click on the link it will lead you to the world of them and you can see even the other brands which are not listed here.

1. Harry Winston

2. Cartier

3.Van Cleef & Arpels

4. Buccellati

5. Charm

AFFY 14K Solid Gold Beads Charm Bracelets & Necklace

6. Graff

7. Piaget

8. Bvlgari

9. Mikimoto

10.Indian bracelets


Will Love to hear from you.


We look better with accessories and gold bracelets are just one of the extra flare we add to our everyday look. If you need any of the bracelets above, purchase them by clicking on the highlighted text. It will take you to the product and other products related to it.

Add a touch to your look by adding something to it that glitters and catches the eye. However personal style always counts and practicality is the key. I would recommend buying something that last for a long time, It is more economical in the long run than buying something that will need to be replaced often. Mostly I tell myself it is a gift for myself.

If you have any question, please leave it in the comment box below, my team is always ready to help any way we can. Maybe you find difficulty in something? Or did you not fully understand a point? Rather, will you want me to add something in the article? Please leave in the comment section and we will get right back to you.

serving you in the best possible way is our top priority and we love doing just that.



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  1. Raissa Melafah says:

    wow, the article is good and really understandable. I love it

  2. Mallory says:

    I’m more of a silver fan so the white gold options are definitely more my style, but there are a few in here that i really like the look of. The piaget is my favorite! I’ve also never given much thought to bracelets, and I am a hand talker as well. I agree, it helps sharpen a look for sure!

    • Thanks Mallory for stopping by. Having a jewelry on your wrist makes the difference especially as you a hand talker like me. There are different grades of hand jewelry for everyone. I am going to be writing on other types of hand jewerly for women

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