Dress Making equipments- What is needed to make a dress?

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Dress Making equipments- What is needed to make a dress?

March 8, 2019 Fashion 0
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If you are reading this article, you must be new to the sewing world or doing it for a research purpose. There are very beautiful things out there that come from the proper use of the tools we are going to be discussing here.

It is very important to know what to use at certain stages in the sewing process and understand the way to properly use them. There are several dress making tools which include; the measuring tools, Dress cutting tools, sewing tools, pressing tools

The Measuring Tools

1. The measuring tape: A measuring tape is a tool you used to measure the body and fabric when you want to saw, cut, or make alterations. On the tape you will see Inch on one side and cm on the other side. These are units of measurement used to measure fabric and body. A measuring tape


The measuring tapes come in 60″, 100″, and 120″ lengths. You can invest in a 60″ tape for a start. The standard 60″ dressmaker’s tape is 5/8″ wide – the same width as a standard commercial pattern seam allowance!


2. Chalk: This tool is used to mark your fabric at the points where you want to cut. There are different colors of tailor’s chalk and it is widely used in the sewing world. It is easy to use since it is easily removable and works on a wide range of fabrics.


3. Ruler and pencil: They assist the measuring of fabric and marks like the chalk, the marks of a pencil also guides the dress maker to cut the fabric according to fitting.

Cutting tools:

These include shearing tools that divides the fabric into desired pieces to make the dress well-designed and look professional. Handling these tools should be done with expertise and the shearing instrument should be in great condition to avoid damaging the fabric while trying to cut them. These tools include;


1. Shears; The dress maker’s scissor is a tool have saw-toothed edges which will cut out all fabric types. Avoid cutting paper or thread with the dress maker’s shear since this will blond the edges. It is important to use high quality shears. Those that come with a sheath helps to secure them after every use and this will make it last and still useful after a long period.


2. Scissors:

The first type of scissor is the paper scissors. Get a paper of paper scissor for cutting paper and patterns. The second type of scissor to own is a smaller sharp scissor for the cutting of thread. sharp scissor


3. Cutting Mat and a Rotary cutter:

A cutting mat is used to protect your work surface while using a rotary cutter to shear your fabrics simultaneously. Get the large size cutting mat so that you can fit in as much fabric at ones. A rotary cutter cuts many layers of fabric at ones as the blade rotates.


Tools for sewing.

These tools are mostly used for putting together the fabric you sheared together in order to fit a particular size of people or a particular client. It is very important to have these tools to make your work easier and professional. These tools include;

1. The sewing Machine:

This equipment is use for putting together fabric and there are different types of sewing machines by brands and types. Do well to own a sewing machine that has multiple stitching options. This is there are diverse types of stitches available to dress makers therefor investing in a sewing machine that has multi function will save a lot of time and provide you flexibility at the workplace.

Sewing machine


Having the ability to zigzag stitching, do automated button holes will really help in your flexibility at the work place and will save time. Make sure to service your sewing machine at least in 18 months time. Maintaining a good machine is a good practice as a dress maker.

2. Sewing thread:

It is always important to sew different fabrics with the right color thread. It is therefor advisable to own diverse threads of varying colors. Black and white are generally universal colors but it is always advisable to get other colors to suite certain fabrics. Fabrics like leather fabrics will need special types of thread to sew them therefor you must understand what type of thread to use for certain fabrics.

Sewing thread


3. The sewing needle: It is one of the most essential tools in the dress making process. There are different types of needles and different sizes. There is the machine needle and the hand needle. For the machine needle, it is recommended to get the needles that go with your machine and are the size that Will suite what you are trying to sew and the weight of the fabric you are working with.

sewing needle

4. The sim Unpicker: This tool is used to unpick stitches when you make mistakes in sewing. Maybe sewing on the wrong side of the fabric, don’t worry you can undo it using the sim Unpicker

5. Thimble:

this is used to protect your thumb while hand sewing. It is advisable to buy one with a non-slip so that it prevent it from moving about as you do your work.

6. Extra Sewing feet:

Extra sewing feet help you when sewing and your machine foot gets bad mid way while sewing. You can easily replace and continue you wok. It is also important when sewing trickier stitches.

7. Pin cushion.

As a dress maker it can get really crazy at the work place, but it is important to keep your work neat and well organized. Most sewing machine come with a traditional fabric pin cushion. You can use a magnetic pin cushion so that you don’t worry about looking for pins or having pins lying carelessly on the floor.


8. Pins

They come in different length and gauges. Use Extra long and extra fine pins on fabrics that are not very thick and they will work perfectly. Avoid using blunt, rust, damaged pins on your fabric since it will damage it.

Pressing Tools

1. An Iron:

An iron is used a lot during the dress making process. It is important to make sure fabric a straight and fit the particular shapes needed so that they can easily be sew and the iron is that tool used for this purpose. Invest in an iron that is heavier than the one used at home and should have a plate with many holes to let out steam and have a non-stick surface to avoid the fabric sticking on the surface of the iron. This might lead to burning of the fabric. The iron should have a sharp tip to reach all areas on the cloth that can not be easily reached.

Pressing iron

2. An Ironing Board

Use an ironing board that is hardy and the height is adjustable. A good ironing board should have a reflective cover and it is advisable that you’re ironing board is in good conditions always. A lot of ironing is done while making a dress, you wouldn’t want to allow a holdup of your work because you don’t have a good ironing board.


ironing Board



3. The dressmaker’s maker’s Ham:

This is a solid cushion which makes it easy for the dress maker to press curved seams such as collars, darts and princess sims. The fact that it is filled with Sawdust makes it mold able and is usually covered with cotton on one side and wool on the other.

4. A Pressing Cloth

It is the piece of fabric lying between the dress maker’s iron and the apparel being pressed. It helps to protect the apparel from over heating and maybe burning from the iron. It is advisable to invest in a variety of pressing clothes for advance sewing, but if you are just starting, you can use cotton Muslin pressing Cloth

Point turner

Usually when ironing there are points in a garment that needs to have sharp edges. Use a point turner to give your garment a really sharp point to your corners without poking through the fabric. Avoid using scissors.

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When it comes down to it, You need to have a box or a bag that you can use to take unfinished projects home or use them for storage of finished projects. I hope you find this post useful. I wish you all the best in your sewing experience and hope you create beautiful things with these tools. Leave a comment if you have any thoughts it will help other people too.



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