Business fashion careers- list of careers and orientation

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Business fashion careers- list of careers and orientation

February 6, 2019 Business Career orientation Fashion Jobs 0
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Fashion! Such a broad industry and it can get confusing for fashion lovers interested in the industry to decide which field they would like to go in for. There are several business Fashion careers out there for you, but you have to choose wisely. I always think everyone needs career orientation before they decide to go into their field of choice.

A wrong career choice is bad both for the employee and the employer. Many people spend most of their hours at work, wouldn’t it be so fun to do what you love to do rather than struggling with the one you don’t even like? The right career choice will affect your productivity, creativity and efficiency. Fashion is a world of glamour and requires a lot of talent and creativity accompanied with passion for what you do.

List of fashion careers.

  • Fashion designer
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Fashion stylist
  • Art director
  • fashion model
  • Purchasing agent
  • Fashion merchandiser
  • Production manager
  • Communication manager
  • Public relations
  • Digital marketing executive
  • Fashion journalist
  • Store manager

Job title and description

 Fashion Designer

A fashion designer is someone who is a fashion lover, he/she carries out fashion research on fashion trends, sketch their designs on paper or use CAD programs, decide the specificity like shape, color, trimmings, of the design, and have a part of in all aspects of the production of the design.


⦁ keeping up with latest fashion trends

⦁ Analyzing general trends in shape, color and pattern.

⦁ Developing Concepts

⦁ Illustrating designs by sketch or by using computer Aided design

⦁ Developing and producing patterns for specific designs

⦁ Working with a design team to meet production and market standards

⦁ Adapts designs for mass production

⦁ Overseeing production

⦁ Sourcing Suppliers

Skills needed

⦁ Be Creative and have passion in what you do since Fashion deals with a lot of creativity.

⦁ Be able to Sketch your designs using paper or computer-aided programs (CAD)

⦁ Pay attention to details in the field of work such as color, texture and pattern.

⦁ Have good communication skills

⦁ have technical skills like pattern cutting, grading and sewing of garment.

⦁ Being organized personally and at the work place.

⦁ Be current with the latest trends in fashion

⦁ The ability to meet up with deadlines

Fashion models

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Male model

A fashion model is a person who is used to showcase, promote or advertise clothing, accessories, and shoes produced by a designer. There are two types of fashion models; the high fashion models and the commercial fashion models.

The high fashion is typical for work on campaigns, collections and magazine editorials for high fashion designers. High fashion are usually 5 ft 9″ to 6 ft tall and sizes usually ranges from 0-4. On the other hand, Commercial Models carry out different forms of modeling such as swimsuit, commercial print, cosmetics and catalog modeling. These models are plus size models whereby the size of the model depends on the clothing.

Skills Needed

⦁ You should Be at least 34-24-34 inches and at least 5ft 8 inches tall.

⦁ Be good looking and have self confidence

⦁ Be a able to pose graciously in photos i.e the camera should love you

⦁ Have great poise

⦁ Have a self motivation

⦁ positive attitude and always be prepared

⦁ have a great portfolio

⦁ understand the company and the brand you are modeling for.

Fashion merchandiser

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A fashion merchandiser is someone who is responsible for getting the designs of designers into the market by studying fashion trends to determine merchandising strategy for retail or fashion products.

As a fashion merchandiser you will be responsible for carrying out strategic analysis, marketing management and distribution of fashion products in order to maximize profits.

Roles/job description

⦁ Stay close to the fashion world and analyze fashion trends

⦁ Carry out Fashion forecasting

⦁ Retail store management

⦁ Works on a budget

⦁ Negotiates with manufacturers and designer for effective pricing for profit maximization.

⦁ Marketing and promotion of the products of the firm.

Skills needed

⦁ Have a great fashion sense and creative

⦁ Understand fashion trends

⦁ Being able to forecast using both qualitative and quantitative data

⦁ Have an love for doing business

⦁ Be good at negotiations

⦁ Be a great communicator

⦁ Time management skills

Production Manager

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A production manager is someone who plans, coordinate and control manufacturing processes involved both home and abroad. Ensuring the right goods and services are produced at the right time and at the right cost and are the right quantity and quality is his main job.


⦁ Oversees production process and ensures it goes to completion

⦁ Draws a production plan

⦁ Allocate the right resources and amount of resources to be used for production

⦁ Makes sure that production is cost effective

⦁ ensures equipment are in the best condition for use

⦁ Monitors the production process and ensures it is done according to the set schedule

⦁ supervises the job and encourage team spirit among workers.

⦁ Control implementation in case of lagging or failures.

⦁ Evaluation of workers performance and training needs.

⦁ Makes sure the product supports the fashion company’s image and placement in the market.

Skills needed

⦁ The decision making skill

⦁ Great communicator

⦁ Being able to solve office related problems

⦁ The ability to make concrete plans and being organized.

⦁ Have ICT skills and knowledge to better deal with technical problems and solutions in the firm.

⦁ Be good in negotiations.

⦁ Have the ability to make the best production decisions under pressure.

⦁ Be able to pay attention to details in the workplace so that you can effect efficiency.

⦁ Be well informed about the Fashion brand and other information that will be profitable to your firm.

Public relations

Going into the public relations department entails that you work with fashion editors of major fashions magazines, and photography teams. You are responsible for putting the

magazine, fashion, editor

Fashion magazine

company image to the right public (audience) i.e those who are interested in what the company has to offer.


⦁ Creating a strong brand for your clients that will be appealing to the public image the customers have of the firm.

⦁ working with Models and celebrities to showcase, advertise or promote company’s products.

⦁ Working with fashion editors and magazine in the fashion industry.

⦁ Be proactive to promote company’s image.

⦁ Be quick to do damage control for the firm’s image and keep customers happy.

⦁ Carrying out market research on behalve of the firm.

Skills needed

⦁ Great communication skills

⦁ understanding media trend and what works best for the firm.

⦁ Being creative.

⦁ Being able to multitask efficiently.

⦁ Being able to work effectively under pressure.

⦁ The ability of organizing your work very well.

⦁ Being able to work well with celebrities and models

⦁ Ability of forming the right relationship with editors and magazines in the industry.

Digital Marketing Executive

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Have a passion for the internet? this job is for you. A digital marketing executive is someone who uses the internet to generate leads, lead qualification, communicates with the lead and converts these leads into customers.

They use websites and mobile application platforms to execute online marketing campaigns and uses digital marketing strategies to creates ads for companies products.

  • Responsibilities
  • launching of marketing campaigns and projects and making them available on different social networks.
  • Overseer the online marketing strategies of the firm.
  • Design, supply and maintain content for the firm’s website.
  • Works on the Search engine optimization of the company’s website regularly.
  • Responsible for boosting the website’s security like fixing bucks.
  • Track and analyze website traffic flow and provide regular reports.
  • Continually work to better the speed and ease to use the website.
  • Edit and post videos, podcasts and audio content to online sites
  • Identify new trends in digital marketing, evaluate new technologies that will be beneficial to the firm.
  • Create online banner adverts and oversee pay per click (PPC) ad management.

Skills needed

  • Being able to Write great content as to the requirements of the firm.
  • Good communication skills needed in the workplace.
  • Being able to develop and manage digital sites and understand how to use SEO, JavaScript or HTML, PowerPoint and the knowledge needed to make the website functional and useful.
  • Being able to develop visual contents like images and videos needed for the website.
  • Being able to Mange projects effectively and meet up with deadlines.

You can do it.

Make the best choice for yourself. Choose what you love and have passion for. Something that will give you the best satisfaction doing and what will make you feel happy every time that you are doing it.

Life is short, live it the way you want to live it and have fun while doing so. Good luck with your career choice in fashion! please leave us a comment if you have any question and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

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