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Looking Good is Good business

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Fashion and Beauty immix

Fashion and Beauty immix with unlimited power and style For Flexibility, Comfort, customization and healthy possibilities

Everyday wear, street style, red carpet, formal events, Fashion news and updates, Cultural diversity, Fashion orientation and guidance. Get the dress, shoe, suit, top, jacket, baby wear, bikini,  handbag, watches and jewelries, costumes, cosmetics and rings all at your disposal for both men and women.


Feeling Comfortable in your own body is key

Looking good is good business. wear the outfits that are latest in the market. Buy a gift for someone you love. Share your experience with love and always be cute. Male or Female, we all need to show ourselves and those around us some love by always being on point.


It is all about You and what You Desire!

Intending to get what you want is always one thing and actually getting it is another. Trust your guts and go for it.. Let no on hold you back.

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“I like all of your choices, too bad you cannot put a smell tester on each item. The Code Ice has the smells that soothe from the ingredient list. A soothing smell that last all day would make for a great addition to my bath toiletries.
Thanks for the information on the ingredients on each items as this will give a little idea of what they will smell like.
You are right about finding the right one that you like, not the others around you.
Do these seem to last most of the day in an office environment.

March 14, 2019 at 2:18 pm 

“Hello, Lerakins!
I have always used coconut oil in cooking, but have never before used in on my skin and especially the hair. That is so nice!
Do you know if it is the exact same product we use in the kitchen, or if there is something different with the formula?

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I am going to try this for my acne as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful weekend,


“Hi Lera thanks for this very informative review of the different denim jackets and the different ideas. As you correctly say its a fun apparel to play around with but your article gives you some basic guidelines of what to look out for. Thanks for sharing”

Abbas Jamie
user @ wa








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